Corporate Identity Packages

Are you looking for your business identity?  Need to find out who you REALLY are? We provide corporate identity services that help you build your brand by connecting with consumers on a personal level. Our corporate identity specialists have the experience, creativity, innovation and insight necessary to help you capture the essence of your business and deliver a strong message to the marketplace!

Located in Greensboro, NC we provide high end corporate identity design services which truly snapshot your business, who you are, what you do and where you are going. Our corporate identity package includes an original logo design (.jpg, .gif. .psd files), premium business card design, custom logo’d envelopes and letterhead!

A logo is something which should stick in our memory, help to attract new clients and give a feeling of trust, value and security. We offer graphic design services for text logos, graphic logos, flash banner advertisements and even mascots.

As you can see from looking at some of the world’s most successful websites, most of the companies that have an online business only prefer using text logos with matching font. We take into consideration the current market trends and integrate only the most profitable solutions for our clients. We also provide services for vector logo re-drawing in high resolution and re-branding campaigns.

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