3 Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Tips

Most brands only have a 2-3% ecommerce conversion rate. How can we improve that number to 4-6% and effectively 2x annual sales?

Let’s review some key issues which are affecting your conversion rate:
1. Your calls-to-action (CTA) are not converting well.
It may be time to re-evaluate your CTAs. Often times, brands will get in this cycle of pitching the same CTAs over and over, to the detriment of the business. How can this happen? Because marketing and sales teams are not thinking on the customer’s level.
How can you offer a creative CTA that entices your prospects to engage and convert? Answer this question, and you’ll see positive growth in your ecommerce conversion rate.
Pro Tip: Avoid generic CTAs, they don’t attract people’s interest. Get creative!
2. Your unique value proposition (UVP) isn’t clearly defined.
First of all, do you actually have one? If not, take some time to think through this concept. Ask yourself the question: “are we providing our customers with real, tangible value?”. Then consider how you are conveying that message through your digital platforms.
Is it easy for people to understand the value you create for them? If not, you’ll need to reconsider your UVP approach and possibly rewrite it altogether. Focus on the following attributes:
a. What is your value as a business?
b. How will your value help the customer?
c. Why should they choose your brand over the competition?
Pro Tip: Use elements of your shiny new UVP on all of your marketing copy, digital platforms, ad creative, and any other customer-facing assets.
3. Your website copy isn’t telling a story that truly resonates with your prospects.
Why is storytelling so important? Because the more that people identify with a story, the more they can be persuaded to take certain actions. Immersion in a story can help shape people’s opinions, and sway sentiment in favor of your brand.
Simple stories are strong stories. Don’t get too complicated, and write on the user’s level. Most importantly, keep it interesting! Your prospects need to be engaged with compelling content that captures their attention.
Focus on delivering a high value, engaging experience that let’s your prospects arrive at their own conclusion.
Pro Tip: Do the deep dive on your analytics, and determine which pages to prioritize in terms of optimization. Pick the lowest hanging fruit first, then dig into the more challenging user experience issues.

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