Keyword Research & Analysis

Keyword research is vital for successful SEO campaigns. Digital marketers must update KEI’s and KPI’s consistently to keep their edge!

We know how important it is to perform consistent keyword research on a regular basis.  Without it, in the SEO world you are running blind.  It is critical to have updated information coming in throughout each month so that we can identify trends and look for opportunities, judge the level of current performance and re-evaluate strategy as necessary.

Keyword research is one of the first things that should be done in any internet marketing campaign, even prior to the development of a website.  It is important that we know exactly where our focus needs to be and what areas of opportunity may be available that haven’t been identified yet.

First and foremost is determining what type of services/products you want to get traffic for and in which markets (local, regional, etc…).  Once that is determined, an effective keyword research campaign can be performed to lay out the groundwork for SEO and figure out exactly where we should be focusing our efforts to maximize your ROI.

Its a time consuming process and requires consistent maintenance and research each month, but the advantages of having solid intelligence to make your marketing decisions on is priceless and well worth the time invested.

To learn more about how keyword research works, send us a message and let’s talk about your marketing goals.