Websites with HTTPS / SSL Certificate Get Small Boost from Google

Google is the world’s most used and trusted search engine. It is fast and reliable, and incorporates the latest advancements in computing power. For those who are in business or rely on search rankings or marketing and public relations Google can be a great tool. One of the great things about Google is that it implements regular updates and informs its users on how best to adjust and take advantage of them.

The company has recently announced establishing a secure site with an SSL certificate as a way to gain a slight advantage in search results. To be sure, the boost that anyone can expect from doing this is a relatively small one. However, given the millions of websites that are on the internet, even a small advantage can have a large practical impact.

As it always does, Google conducted a number of tests within its own systems before rolling this change out. It is therefore safe for anyone who is thinking about taking this recommendation on board to do so (an SSL can never be a bad thing). Google does all that is in its power to help users navigate its website in ways that are effective and useful to them.

There are important measures that anyone who is thinking about going secure should take. Among them are:

Deciding the particular for of certificate you need. Those familiar with this issue will understand the choices. For the uninitiated the choices of certificate are single, multi-domain, and wildcard. It is also necessary for users to have 2048-bit key certificates. You must also use protocols with URLs that are relative for all other domains.

There are some other conditions that anyone thinking about establishing a secure site must meet. But the above include the major ones. Google will continue to be the gold standard for search engine websites, and will continue to work with user to maximize their growth and potential.