Updates – Integrated with Seesmic for Iphone, Google Buzz & Seesmic Web

***updated, broken links removed*** has decided to update their platform with some very useful and relevant networks that you can now publish to via your profile.

The addition of Seesmic and Google Buzz will be great for users because of the added functionality and ability to network via these addition profiles, expanding the reach made available to subscribers and improving efficiency when distributing information across the social web.

The text below was taken from’s email update:

Seesmic for iPhone
If you haven’t heard, the biggest news this past weekend is the release of the Seesmic for iPhone integrated with

You can get the app through the app store, or click here:

This was no small feat and we’re pretty stoked about it. You can now seamlessly use on the iPhone.

Here’s a video from Loic to tell you more about it :

You can also check out all of the cool details (multiple accounts, Facebook, save to Evernote) in the Seesmic Blog.


Google Buzz in
We’ve integrated the latest and greatest Google Buzz service as one of the networks we post to. Yes, the long awaited day has finally come to where you can post directly to Google Buzz from Thanks to the Google team and the recent API launches at Google I/O. It has all come together very nicely. As they increase their API’s functionality, we will be adding additional and more rich features as well. Hop on over to the Google Buzz page and let us know what you think! Integrated in Seesmic Web
Last, but not least, we are officially integrated into the ever-growing-in-popularity Seesmic Web client! We’ve had a swarm of requests for this since our recent Seesmic acquisition and now the day has finally come. This is just a small step in the Seesmic integrations, but a very important one. Soon, we will also be integrated in all of the other clients Seesmic offers.