Choosing Effective PPC Management Solutions

There are a lot of companies advertising a variety of PPC management solutions.

These can vary from campaigns managed by expert PPC consultants, or software programs which use AI and various analytics datasets to make campaign recommendations and adjustments in real time.

Here are a couple of ways you can determine which PPC management solution is right for your business.

  • Look for value in the pricing.
    • The best PPC management companies keep their fees as low as possible in order to maximize their client’s budgets. They always have the customer in mind. Their campaign efforts are 100% focused on maximizing the customer’s ROI. If you are paying an arm and a leg for PPC management then you probably aren’t getting as much out of your PPC budget as you could be by dealing with a more financially responsible company.
  • Determine if you want consultation or automation.
    • Software solutions do not call you with updates and insights. Yes, you might get some AI created bid adjustments and recommendations but its not the same as having a real person with actual business experience doing the analysis for you. Computers can provide lots of data and filter through it to provide us with key insights and performance metrics, but it takes an individual with experience in business and your industry to discover the most effective real world application of the data in your PPC campaign.

Overall, we have experimented with a wide variety of PPC management software and determined that the best solution for our customers will continue to be personalized service from a team of experienced consultants. Software supplements our efforts with useful information for analysis, but does not determine overall strategy.

To learn more about our processes, simply request a free consultation today.