Google AdWords Campaign Management

Based in Greensboro NC, our digital marketing agency receives a lot of requests for help with Google AdWords campaign management.

Let’s face it, spending money on clicks only feels good when you’re bringing in business! Otherwise, its hard to justify the expense. Sure, you get some branding in the market. But if that paid traffic is not converting, it feels like wasted money.

Companies want to know that their advertising dollars are being maximized to their greatest potential. If there is not clear data showing the return on investment, ultimately the strategy will move into different areas of opportunity. So as a PPC management agency, when we work with a client our entire focus is on making sure that their advertising budget generates the highest amount of ROI possible.

Often times, we will ask our clients what their ad budget is before making a strategy recommendation. Some people try to stay low and avoid high numbers when making their budget statement, but its better to be honest and realistically throw out some achievable figures. Ultimately, the more money that the client has to invest into the ad campaign; the greater the return on investment will be. Obviously this should be managed in terms of matching up sales volume with inventory levels in restrictive situations, but generally the more that a company spends on ads, the more business they will generate as a result of that expenditure.

So when a digital marketing consultant asks you, what is your monthly or quarterly advertising budget? Think about a realistic range, then consult with them on some forecasting so that you can decide what kind of spending/ROI you wish to accomplish before committing to the campaign.

Our AdWords campaign management consultants will help you setup a campaign based on your target markets, demographic data, in market segments and various other factors so that you can get started selling your product or services.

Simply contact us and let’s schedule a personalized consultation. Our digital marketing agency is based in Greensboro NC.