Is it possible to make good decisions without thinking critically?

In my opinion, a person must not only be objective but also think critically in order to make positive decisions.  However, this can depend on the nature of the person’s decision making process, since a lot of people operate very differently.  Some people tend to overanalyze things and this causes them to make decisions based upon their feelings, insecurities and expectations.

This can have a dramatic effect on their behavior in certain situations and can make it so that they choose their decisions differently, depending on the situation.  Granted, you can always make decisions without thinking critically but ultimately in order to make a good one you must have some form of objectivity and perspective.  By analyzing the big picture and looking at the whole scope of things with regards to the decision, you are able to more effectively determine the most beneficial course of action.

I think that most people take a critical approach to decision making based upon success vs. failure and weigh out their options, taking into consideration the highest chances for success and choosing the path which best fits their expectations.  This approach is the core of decision making for most people.  Ethical and moral considerations definitely come into play as well, especially in situations that require such thinking; but most decisions have nothing to do with morals (such as whether to eat turkey or ham, grab a yogurt vs. a banana, etc.).