Similarities and differences in professional ethics and personal ethics.

Professional ethics and personal ethics have two distinct applications as one is involved in your own personal life and affects your perception and value placed upon things in your own life which does not apply primarily to your professional endeavors.  Your professional ethics play a unique role in that you are held to a certain standard when in the workplace and must abide by a specific set of ethics that is required by all employees of the company.

The same thing applies for managers and executives.  A corporate ethical policy determines how business operations will be conducted, included by whom, in what circumstances, etc…  However, although your personal life is distinctly different from your professional life, I feel that your ethics roll over from one to another and if you have good ethical values in one area you will have them in the other.

There is an exception to this and that is of the person who has low personal ethical standards, for this person it is less likely that they will have high standards professionally because of their inherent low personal ethical values.  It is important to practice what you preach at work in your daily life and live by a set of ethical codes which guide your actions in all aspects of life and your personal/professional journey.