Why is Facebook Ads Manager not user friendly?

So we are going about our normal day-to-day of managing paid advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines for customers when it dawns on us…why is the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard so difficult to deal with and non-user friendly? Compared to Google Adwords it is honesty quite ridiculous. Why? With as much revenue as they bring in from existing ad spend, you would think they could create a system that actually pleases the digital marketing community and is enjoyable to use on a daily basis.

Facebook needs to seriously step up their game with regards to user experience if they want to continue capturing market share of pay per click advertising (PPC) with regards to social media. Place some more focus on user interface (UI) for advertisers, which ultimately provides the marketing professional with a more refined tool for which to work their craft.

Unfortunately, Facebook has yet to get the memo on this. So this is our official *nudge*. Hey, guys…can we have a better platform from which to run and optimize our client’s marketing campaigns?

Please, thank you!